2017 Event



Live from the CQ University on November 4, 2017 we showcased talented Speakers from our local community along with Streamed Ted Talks to inspire you, provoke you, move you, and engage you to think differently.…

Melissa Schembri
Philosopher, Author, Motivational Speaker 

From boardrooms practising law, to workplaces throughout Australia transforming the lives of thousands of people, Melissa Schembri’s track record is impressive.

Melissa holds a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Philosophy/Applied Ethics (QUT), was the winner of Australian Institute of Management’s Young Manager of the Year 2008 and has over 15 years experience in corporate leadership and development.

Melissa’s greatest strength is a deep philosophical understanding of how our minds’ interpretation of events and the way we feel, are the most influential factors that determine our happiness. Her practical mindset tools are revolutionary in changing people’s perspective on life both personally and professionally.


Peter Rosier 

Peter was born in the 60’s and claims that although he has not done it all nor seen it all, he has travelled and seen a bit. Peter has lived and worked in Mackay for over 20 years as a structural engineer.

“We engineers have a range of tools to solve problems and change and create in the physical world, but, with age, I realise more and more that it is the surrounding social world of people that gives our physical creations meaning. My first TEDx talk is an attempt make that world of people a little better.”

Kim Kleidon
Story teller, Business Woman

Now in her 50th year, Kim Kleidon has decades of experience in business and media.

Kim is passionate about combining the two, encouraging organisations and individuals to share stories that emotively connect. Empowering them to embrace the variety of communication platforms available to us all.

Kim’s unique perspective has been forged from early childhood through encounters with people all over the world and spearheaded by years with the ABC telling stories that highlighted how important connecting is, ultimately influencing people and communities.

“Our messages have the power to make more meaningful and positive connections”. KK