Coming to TEDxMackay? Seven things you should know!

7 things

We’re so happy that you’re joining us for our TEDxMackay event, Friday 5 April, at Mackay Entertainment Convention Centre. The doors will open at 8:30am and we plan to start promptly at 9:00am. Mackay Entertainment Convention Centre is located on  Alfred St, Mackay.Interaction with presenters and conversation during the break and after the event is highly encouraged! We want you to be able to put the ideas you learn about at TEDxMackay into action! Swap business cards, share contact information, and take this great opportunity to learn from our presenters and from each other.
So prepare to be inspired, we can’t wait to see you at TEDxMackay 2019!
1. Come early
To make the best out of your TEDxMackay experience you should take the time to come early and mingle with fellow visitors. Find out what interesting stories others have to share and connect with people you may not have met anywhere else. Coffee and tea are available from Vintage Kiss Van (on us). We open up the registration desk at 8.30 and would like everyone seated by 9.00 AM. When the show starts we will close the doors for quite a while.

2. Need our help with Special Needs??
We like to think we’re all alike in our diversity. Some of us actually do need individual assistance. In order to prepare the food, drinks & hall arrangement, please let Lauren know if you any special needs that we need to know to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
Food available is the Chef’s selection of delicious sweet + savoury items + ribbon sandwiches served with Tea, Coffee + Punch. If you suffer from allergies like lactose intolerance or peanut allergy, please let Lauren know so we can take this into account for the catering.

3. Xperience Alley
If you arrive early, we highly encourage you to visit the Xperience Ally in the Foyer, TEDxMackay’s Xperience Alley showcases some of Mackay’s most engaging companies and individuals, exhibiting ideas of tomorrow to the community today.

4. Giving is all we have. What will you bring?
Some TEDx events are well known for their gift bags. But this year, we want to give something more meaningful, which needs your help to succeed. Mad scientists prove: There’s one thing that makes us happier than receiving a great gift. And that is giving one to others. So this year, we’re asking each attendee to purchase a pair of TEDx Earrings from the stomping Elephant stall, earring will be $5.00 and all proceeds will be donated to RACQ.
Together with the great team of Stomping Elephants we can make a difference to the lives of locals in Mackay who rely on the support of our community for care in their time of greatest need.

Don’t worry…our fabulous supporters at BB Print have made a little gift for you to take with you, as we feel good when we give too!

5. Look smart, be comfortable
We don’t do dress codes. But we have video cameras, a photographer and possibly 100 social media savvy snapshot addicts around. So look comfortably ready to take on the world!.

6. Devices? No. Social media? Yes.
Important: we do not allow laptops, iPads, cameras and flash photography in the main conference room – think of TEDxMackay as a theater performance. We want your full attention! Of course you are welcome to use your devices in the foyers and we encourage you to share the event experience in break times. Feel free to post and tweet about the event throughout the day

7. Reserve a restaurant and share a meal
This is the perfect way to end the event: TEDxMackay is offering you a chance to network over lunch. After the event, you can join other TEDxMackay delegates for lunch at Foodspace Cafe (at your own costs). Delegates will be seated together. To book your space call (07) 4961 9719

For twitter, video and photo tags please use #TEDxMackay as the campaign behind the ideas.

10 Reasons to attend TEDxMackay

Friday, April 5, 2019, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 


In Mackay, we are known for thinking fresh, creative problem-solving and setting precedents that other communities can follow. It’s the perfect place to host an independent TEDx event, where speakers will have stories to share that evolve Mackay, the Whitsunday, and the world beyond. How can we evolve our endeavors, our world, and ultimately humanity, in a way that provides meaning, connection, and growth? If that hasn’t yet convinced you to get your tickets, here are ten more reasons to attend TEDxMackay

1/ You’ll be inspired to think bigger, reach higher, and evolve. Open your eyes and your heart to new ideas that will help you and Mackay grow

2/ You’ll have a chance to network with the top speakers, performers, and artists in an intimate setting. You won’t forget the connections you make!

3/ You’ll have amazing things to post in social media. People will be jealous you’re here!

    1. Use our hashtag #Evolvebeyond
    2. Join us on Facebook at TEDxMackay

4/ Have the satisfaction of running a marathon – for your mind! We have 5 awesome talks lined up, all day, from 900 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Your brain will undoubtedly get flexed!

5/ Learn about something you (probably) know nothing about, such as sexual education, evolution of triathlon, youth perceptions and art therapy to overcome obstacles.

6/ There will be healthy and honest food provided by MECC. Food is probably the same reason you go to your second-cousin-once-removed’s birthday party. So, why not come here? We won’t ask you to help us with dishes.

7/ Would you really rather be working? Yeah, we didn’t think so!

8/ You’ll never see the world the same again.

9/ The conversations during networking take on a new life when people start talking about the topics. It’s fun to discuss these great ideas with people – in person.

10/ You’ll learn what it takes to win the hearts and minds of men. You will have to attend to see what that is!