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2016 TEDxMackayWomen Talks

Watch our official 2016 TEDxMckayWomen Talks. Visit the Speakers page for more information about the speakers.

Deb Rae believes that we (in Western society) have made time our master; governed by the clock (a human construct), leaving little space for spontaneity or simply experiencing the moment. She advocates that by understanding an alternative concept of time, and living more in the present moment, we can drastically reduce the amount of stress, conflict and distress in our lives.

Exploring the history how generations of story-telling may hold the secrets to how we can achieve our happy ever after in the workplace and our lives.

Taken through a journey across a number of working generations, Rochelle will challenge you through her own personal journey to embrace difference and take diversity out of the equation, where individuals are judged by the character of their difference.